Inspiring, urban charm

Garret, this isn't only our commitment to urban lifestyle but a passion for it as well. Whether in an elegant loft, a small, stylish townhouse or a cosy old property with roof garden, living at home in an urban environment comes with special appeal. Between distinctive, old industrial charm and modern streets, this is where to find inspiring cultural events along with all sorts of other treats and diversions.

A visit that will give you new perspectives.  

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"Culture depends on cookery." Oscar Wilde  
A vivid spirit of urban living.

This is where the urban, multicultural art and music scene meets up in hip clubs and bars, where you can mooch around little boutiques, browse through second-hand shops, saunter acrosss car-boot sales, lose the track of time in tranquil antique shops and enjoy live music and street food in fashionable neighbourhoods amid an atmosphere that couldn't be more laid-back. This is where luxury shopping streets and narrow graffiti-adorned lanes vie with each other in peaceful, inspiring coexistence. Garret celebrates permanent change and transformation as the expression of an attitude to life that's driven by hustle and bustle, exuberant cultural diversity, dynamic, pace of progress and ideas. Garret is "the place to be".

"Education is the best provision for old age." Aristotle

Individueller Möbelbau
Stauffacherquai 58, 8004 Zürich   
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